The Why

The marriage between the internet and mobile phones has made information available in ways never experienced in history thus enhancing lives all over the globe. Fingersfingers was created to extend this experience to Africa. With its own unique challenges needing unique solutions, Fingersfingers exists solely to identify pain points affecting Africans wherever they may be and providing mobile based solutions for these problems. 

Founded in Glasgow, UK in 2014, we are currently based in Glasgow with plans of opening a new branch by September 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria. Africa's mega city and most populous country to position the company for growth in Africa. 

Business Model.

Our business model is quite simple.
Through in depth market knowledge, research and experience, we identify true problems affecting Africans in and outside Africa, create web and mobile solutions for these problems and grow these solutions into commercially successful companies. Our solutions are intended to help Africans save money or make money while creating better value for their lives and businesses.