Knowledge is power. An educated Africa is an independent, progressive and entrepreneurial Africa. At Fingersfingers we see the need to shift the focus from the traditional approach to education to a more innovative mobile forms of delivery which costs less and is not dependent on ones geo-location. 


Web and mobile technology has shifted the relegation of commerce from physical brick and mortar locations with its obvious barriers to online which provides a wider reach and cheaper set up fees. The African e-commerce landscape is growing up nicely with lots of untapped opportunities to get Africa's numerous market people trading online. 


Africa by nature is social. The communal nature of Africans is evident in its various cultures. Social media is todays answer to online communities and the uniqueness of Africa  leaves a lot to be done in these area. Facebook and Twitter has made tremendous advances in this area but a massive need still exists for niche social networks designed and built to reflect the different African cultures, languages and vibe.


For the untrained eye and mind, Africa's lack of advanced and in most places basic transport facilities looks like a negative. At Fingersfingers we see this as an opportunity to improve the daily commute of Africans using mobile driven innovative shared economy solutions which already proved successful in other parts of the world.  


Enterprise mobile applications can greatly  encourage entrepreneurship. More people can set up online businesses in a matter of minutes for free thus helping more people improve their sources of income. With more small businesses in a system, the more money can circulate around the economy, increase in labour and decrease in poverty.  


With Apple's Health Kit, hospitals and doctors are now connecting with patients in ways never imagined. At Fingersfingers we understand that majority of Africans and African health  are not at the financial and technical level to utilise such technologies. We therefore exist to improve the relationship between doctors and other healthcare professionals in Africa with their patients using mobile technology.