Gombolola is a lovely search and social app which helps you find and connect with everything African whenever you are outside Africa. With Gombolola you will be able to find Africans, African events, businesses and services based on your location.

We built Gombolola as a solution to problems we experienced traveling all around Europe. In every new city we have been to we found out you can only find Africans and African businesses if you already knew someone locally. Most African businesses outside Africa do not have an online presence hence you can't find them via traditional search engines such as Google. So we built Gombolola for the 5.3 million Africans living in the UK and we will be expanding it to every major city in Europe and North America. 

Present Features


At the core of Gombolola is the Find feature. Find makes sure you are never have to wonder where all the African businesses and services are in your city. From the best restaurants to your local African store, Gombolola helps you find all African businesses near you. 


Gombolola connects you with fellow Africans in your city. With our connect feature you can connect with African flatmates in our flatshare area, buy and sell items from Africans in your city and connect with African events in your city. You will never feel alone in a new city with Gombolola's connect tool.


With Gombolola we can all build a connected African community for Africans living or visiting outside Africa. Use our contribute tool to upload African business, events and services in your city not presently in Gombolola. This helps Gombolola become bigger, better and a more connected mobile home for Africans living outside Africa. 

Upcoming Features


With Gombolola we want to connect you to everything African in your city. This includes everyone African too. In a few months time we will launch our chat feature on Gombolola to enable you chat, meet new people and build relationships with Africans living in your city right from inside Gombola. 


We all love a good discount. Gombolola is partnering with your favourite African businesses and service providers to bring you discounts all across the UK. In a few months time you will be able to get discounts each time you visit an African business in your city offering Gombolola Discounts! 

Mobile Services

Its almost constantly wet in the UK so with Gombolola we want to save you from going outdoors as much as possible. With Gombolola you will soon be able make international money transfers, buy local and international phone top up credits and even send top up credits to your friends and families back home.

Download Gombolola for both iOS and Android devices by clicking on the appropriate icon below.